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The best way to ensure you hire a reliable 70s DJ for your party is to Hire the reliable DJ you hired for your last party. Unfortunately most people only hire a mobile disco on a very rare occasions and have little experience of what to look for. We get enough frantic last minute phone calls from people who have booked mobile disco that has let them down to know there are plenty of unscrupulous DJs around who will not care if they ruin your special occasion.

Although every DJ in the world will claim to be 100% reliable you need to be sure. If you do not already have a reliable DJ or mobile disco in mind speak to several you can often get a feel of who seems most reliable and committed to your special event. The other way is to check is to look at the mobile discos recommendation section and read some DJ reviews. It might be wise to ignore typed comments, as anyone can print anything, add quotation marks and sign it as Mrs Smith or Mr Jones etc. A reliable dj should have plenty of references covering different events and going back over many years. Check our letters of recommendation to see we always deliver what's promised and that we can help make your occasion a super celebration.

Check our main letters page at Pro Mobile Disco Recommendations

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Disco Music DJs in London playing 70s dance, pop glam rock and disco dance floor classics.