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70s Music

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For a great 70s Disco party you need some great 70s Music. Many people think of the seventies as the decade of disco, in fact disco didn't take off until after Saturday night fever was released in 1977. Before then we had Rock, Glam Rock and Punk rock and boy bands normally had to have a gimmick. Pop rock was very popular and Acts like Darts, Showwaddy Waddy, Bay City Rollers and the Rubettes had a distinct sound as well as dress sense.

Today the 70s scene has been to a degree reinvented. Back in the day nobody except John Travolta wore a white suite and that was in a film set in New york city. In England at that time everybody else wore a brown suit made probably from polyester, or just plain denin. Many of the club going 70s generation (today's 50 to 60 something's) will remeber what was worn first hand and will probably have a different idea as to what seventies fashions was. We think forget the fashion its the 70s dance music that matters. For a successful 70s party the DJ should perhaps avoid some of the middle of the road music and concentrate on the most popular high energy Disco Music as well as possibly playing some Glam Rock and even Punk.

If you are about to stage a 70s party check our list of Uk number one hit singles for ideas of what was actually the most popular music of the 70s. alot of this is unplayable tosh as like with any period in time sometimes music is of the now and does not age well. Some massivly popular music tracks of the 70s will kill a party atmosphere and best left in the record box.

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