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Contact us by calling the numbers above or by completing the form below. If you are still in the provisional stage of organizing your party and don't have all details. The only essential fields to complete are

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To prevent spam Emails all enquires are answered by telephone, please be sure to include a contact number. We Look forward to speaking with you soon.

This form is not a confirmation of a booking. All bookings will be confirmed in writing after a verbal agreement made by telephone or in person. If you are organising a 70's theme party whichever 70's music DJ you hire make sure you get
  • Written confirmation of the DJ Hire services
  • Ensure you have a land line telephone number to contact your 70's music DJ on.
  • If possible always pick a DJ who is old enough to remember the 70's and knows the music first hand.
  • Make sure all details are correct on the confirmation form ie date time postcode of venue etc.
  • Nearer the date of your 70's disco ensure you have the DJs mobile number and that the dj has yours just in case of last minute snags.