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70s Disco Tips

70s dj deck imageAdd that full on Funky flavour to your next party and take it back to the 70s, with a Seventies retro party disco. Although the 70s disco entertainment is an essential element to the success of your party, you should also consider the food and drinks.

Catering ideas for your 70s party couldn't be easier, think cheesy puffs, twiglets and delectable cheese and pineapple chunks skewered with a cocktail stick and tastefully set on to a melon half. For after's that's got to be angle delight, 'yumtastic'. If you you really want to impress your guests go upmarket with some posh nosh like volauvents, quiche lorraine and black forest gateau for desert. Forget chocolate fountains, fondues were the in 70s thing 'Cheesy'. For a sit down dinner remember School dinners, bangers and smash, fish fingers with crinkle cut chips and to wash it down, a gallon of liebfraumich, Blue Nun is best.

Image of 70s disco mirrorball Get into the party mood with an aperitif like a Campari and soda or Cinzano 'ahhh suffused with herbs and spices'. A 70s party is also a great excuse to try some classic 70s cocktails like a Tequila sunrise or a Harvey wallbanger and for the kids 'get busy with the fizzy soda stream.

Forget about dress sense, elegant 70s fashions will set the scene, flairs, flower pattern shirts and floppy hats, dad must have something in his wardrobe you could wear. If not, tie dye something bright a quick splash of brute and it'll be alright on the night. In reality during the 70's many people would were a brown polyester suit or denim to a disco so pull those brutus jeans on (bell bottoms).

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