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70s dj deck imageIn the 70s tracks from ABBA, Bony M, music from grease and Saturday night night fever were the brand new Disco floor fillers of the day. Today these are the classic disco favorites everyone knows and are bound to be played at many weddings and family parties. However for a great 70's disco party you need a 70s DJ that knows the music well and is not just playing from a few compilation cds borrowed from his dads record collection. Pro Mobile Disco DJ Jim Costello made his first public performance back in 1978 and knows what worked at the time and what will work on the dance floor today.

Some huge 70's music number 1's will create a walk off while other tunes that were less known at the time will cause a dance floor sensation. If its been a long time since you heard a tune it may take several seconds to work out if you like it or not and to decide if its good enough to stay on the dance floor. In most parties if a record is unfamiliar it may prove to be unpopular. For example play the 70s disco classic Car wash from the very start and it will create a walk off, it has a long instrumental intro that can create the "I'm not sure what this is" moment, on the other hand play it from about a minute in and it will be instantly familiar and you will see some crazy disco dance floor action.

Image of 70s disco mirrorballTiming is every thing, although the DJ doesn't have to worry about playing the track at the wrong speed (45 rpm - 33rpm) any more, the DJ needs to consider at what time to play what music, and how much of the intro needs to be edited out. Even if a tune is very popular a long intro may be unfamiliar. With a top 70s disco floor filler like car wash for example, its best to play just the final 2 and half minutes of the track; because the long intro will create a walk off. A great 70s party DJ will not only need to know all the great 70s disco dance music but also the monster 70s glam rock tracks and pop hits of the 1970's

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