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70s Disco DJs can provide A fabtastic music theme for your party. We know the top floor fillers and the best dance grooves from the decade of Disco and Glam Rock. The infamous Jimmy Saville is said to have the credit for hosting first dance where the music was played on recorded discs back in 1943. So by default would be the first mobile DJ but it took until 1977 when Saturday night fever was released to turn Mobile Discos into a phenomenon. Every youth club, Scout troop, and School organised regular Disco nights, and the Mobile Disco business boomed.

In the 1970s things were still a bit primitive and the average mobile DJ used Disco equipment nothing like as good as it is today. Almost every DJ used a tape deck and belt drive turntables, sometimes in a hot and humid club a worn out drive belt could slip causing the music to slur. You had to put your finger on the record rotating the record manually to help it remain at the correct speed. Likewise everyone seemed to be used to the sound of the cracks, bleeps and hiss on a scratched record. If the record was really badly scratched, some coins on the needle arm would help to stop it jumping out of the groove. The tape deck would also sometimes be used to tape that weeks top 40 so at the end of the track would need to be faded out before the next radio announcement. Oil wheel projectors and fuzz lights would provide the light show and you could fit a 70s disco road show on the back seat of your mums Ford Escort.

The quality and affordability of Mobile Disco equipment has improved considerably since the 1970s but many would say the music has never been bettered. Disco is by far the most popular 1970s music, but 70s pop charts also saw the advent of Punk and Glam rock. Music is the main tool of the DJs trade and to have the 70s party experience to know which tunes work best and which tunes are best to leave out will help make your 70s disco theme party the success you would hope for.

If you are planning to host a 70s party you should hire a DJ with not only all the latest mobile disco equipment but the experience of actually being a 70s DJ. Pro Mobile DJ Jim Costello made his first public performance in 1978. At that time ABBA, Boney M and the Village people toped the charts and music sound tracks to films such as Carwash, Saturday night fever and Grease provided many party classic hits. Most people only very occasionally book a Mobile Disco, and are often not sure how to tell a bedroom DJ from the experienced professional. If You can, hire the brilliant DJ you have seen in action, the next best way to hire a DJ is to check letters of recommendation. Visit our 70s DJ Reviews section to see what makes Pro Mobile Disco different and that we always deliver what's promised.

 Pro Mobile Disco has the 70's music experience and commitment to make sure your seventies party is a success. We also have vast experience in other themed party events and provide 60s music DJs in London, professional 70s DJ, poptastic 80s DJs and 90s music DJ for a fab, fun retro music theme night party. Pro Mobile Disco is a quality DJ service with mobile discos for any occasions. We have affordable hire rates and travel to all areas in and around London including Essex, Berkshire, Hertfordshire and Kent. For more info on 70s DJ and Disco hire contact us for a great local 70s DJ and a fab disco deal.